Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Ok... I haven't been on for a while (so sad)
But I need to start up again! It's summer yay!!
So do you guys miss the old times? Like you old best friend or the old times and memories that have happened? It's sad when you and your best friend all of a sudden just slowly stop hanging out. Then you start hanging out with other people and don't realize that you haven't hung out in a while, but it happens. It is a really sad thing. If it has happened to you, but you can't change the past but you can kinda change your future! Just talk to him or her and start talking more and hanging out again. You might not get the full friend ship that you had before or you will have more but if not you cant you will at leadt get closer and gradually become more like before. You don't have to but it is fun getting to know your old friends again. Like who loves to have friends? Well I do!!!
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