Saturday, May 25, 2013


Ok so there's thins thing that I really want to do and I am working so hard at it I'm really wanting to do it I have to go to try out and see if I get in if I do I will tell you!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Ok... I haven't been on for a while (so sad)
But I need to start up again! It's summer yay!!
So do you guys miss the old times? Like you old best friend or the old times and memories that have happened? It's sad when you and your best friend all of a sudden just slowly stop hanging out. Then you start hanging out with other people and don't realize that you haven't hung out in a while, but it happens. It is a really sad thing. If it has happened to you, but you can't change the past but you can kinda change your future! Just talk to him or her and start talking more and hanging out again. You might not get the full friend ship that you had before or you will have more but if not you cant you will at leadt get closer and gradually become more like before. You don't have to but it is fun getting to know your old friends again. Like who loves to have friends? Well I do!!!
Please comment we love to hear what you guys like about this website! 
Smile!!!! You might just make someone's day!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Today was valentines!!! Who gave a little valentine to a friend! I did!!! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Tomorrow is VALENTINES!!!!!!!

Are you guys excited cause I am! So comment what you are doing for your special someone or how your celebrating it as a single person! Being single is good especially if you are young!!!

Here is a whole bunch of pics for you guys!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Ok Valentines day is coming up!!! I'm kinda excited. Today was a normal day. But most people had a great, good, ok, bad, crazy, and other types of day. Like we all don't feel the same way. We all aren't going through the same things. I love my friends!!! They are so supportive and fun.
I hope all you guys have a great Valentines day count down! I sure am. Comment on what you have been doing to count down or how much you are excited. We will answer back to you guys .
And the first one to comment will be mentioned in one of our posts!!!!


I'm so existed for v-day becuse I have special things that I'm give to my friends it's going to be awesome

Monday, February 11, 2013


Ok so it's almost valentines day!!! Some people love it and some don't because they might not have anyone to love or they don't get anything :( it sad because you see how people think thy no one likes or loves them, but there is!!! There are people all around you that love you and care for you! Jut because you don't get anything on valentines day it doesn't mean everyone hates you. You are special and there are tones of people in the world that love your smile, eyes, hair, and your personality! YOU ARE LOVED!!!! Don't get down on yourself!

So my challenge to you is to on valentines day smile at people or give out treats or do something nice to make other feel special!!!!! You don't have to take it but it is one step closer to helping the world!